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Here you will find many (but not all) of the projects I have worked on over the years, with links (eventually) to relevant Amazon pages.  I’ll keep adding to this until all of the work is covered.  If you choose to buy any of them, using these links helps support this site.

Here’s my new record company, Supermegabot Music LLC.

If you need an Expert Witness for music related issues, I can be reached here.

This is my comic book / graphic novel series.

I also do Music Family Trees (you may have one hanging on your wall).  I do them for fun sometimes and for money others.  See them here.  Contact me through the form if you're interested in having one made to order.

Here's a bunch of stuff I like:

Dangerous Minds - you should look at this site daily (except on weekends when they rarely post anything).  Fascinating stuff and well worth your time.

Please Kill Me - one of the best books ever, and the site/blog is pretty interesting too.  I also recommend Legs McNeil's book on the evolution porn industry, it's also an oral history and as good as PKM, IMO, FYI.

The Second Disc - great site with info on catalog releases, because, as we know, most new music is shite.

SuperDeluxeEdition - ditto, although more UK-centric.  It is heartbreaking to see the great deals they frequently post on box sets only to discover that the shipping from Amazon UK would kill the savings.

Bill Hicks - the legend.  We could really use him now.

David Bowie - I find the site to be a triumph of programming over content, but hey.

Best Dog Vine.

Marvel - I have a comic book problem, which these folks feed in a myriad of ways.  My dinner with Stan Lee means more to me than any rock star I ever met.  Sorry.  The Marvel Universe annual digital subscription plan is as essential to my life as Amazon Prime.

Hot Toys - I also have a toy problem.  This company is great, but not good for the wallet.  The figures are amazingly lifelike.

One of my favorite books of fiction (?) ever.  This is pretty much what A&R was like in the 90's.  Disturbing, violent, drug-fueled, horrible nonsense and paranoia.  I hear the movie is shit, but just go read it asap.  And other John Niven books you can get your hands on.

Rockin Jelly Bean - he may not be your cup of tea but this incredible Japanese artist has me constantly in awe.  Warning; ridiculously unfeasible boobs.  Be sure to check out his online shop, Erostika.

Roberta Bayley - the greatest of the CBGB punk rock photogs, she took the cover shot of the first Ramones album.  You are not worthy.

Godlis - for the gold.

Mick Rock - he captured the glory of glam and Mainman.

Looking For Johnny - Johnny Thunders documentary that finally captures much of the story.  Please note:  Johnny Ramone only ever considered the Heartbreakers worthy competition to the Ramones, but as they were junkies, he knew they wouldn't make it.  Sad that he was right.

Paris - get on a fucking plane and go there.

Musée de l'Orangerie - if you go Paris, lose yourself in the water lilies.  There is no more soothing, remarkable, lose yourself, place on earth.

"I'm just trying to rid the world of all these fevered egos that are tainting our collective unconscious..." ~Bill Hicks