Gunning For Hits



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Back in the early 80s my plan was to become a comic book artist. Discouraged by Art School and given the opportunity to sidestep into the music business, my career path changed. But I always wanted to make a comic book and the one I wanted to make was inspired by some idle musings I had in 1989 when I was readying the Sound + Vision box for Rykodisc.

When David and then Prince, and Ali and Darwyn Cooke all died in 2016, it was the kick in the ass I needed to make to book happen. My dreams came true when the first issue was published in January of 2019, and the first collection will be released in July. I’ll have an exclusive Deluxe Hardcover available from this site around that time.

You can read more about the comic HERE. Each issue is packed with at least 20 pages of story plus extensive backmatter about the business, the creative process and more. The comic has its own Spotify Playlist and the lead character’s journals are being excerpted on twitter. You can get it at comic shops, or digitally via Comixology and Kindle.

Below is the story of how it came together, from issue one:

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